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I like to learn and share. My experiences have included working with hedge funds, mobile media firms, software startups, social designers, dreamers, technologists adventurers, scientists (mad/not mad), consultants, bankers, thinkers, and builders.

I am happily married to a beautiful woman with a lot of patience.

Born and raised in small town Iowa for 20 years, lived and worked in a few places US, UK, France, Haiti, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Dubai, South Africa....

Coolest role: Chief Analyst for Europe's Answer to the MIT media lab. helped manage people & innovations including: genetics, Artificial intelligence, robots, artificial organs, nano-technology, time travel and whole lot of other sciency stuff.

BA Cultural anthroplogy/ Art History University of Iowa (Go Hawkeyes)

MBA Ecole National de Ponts et Chaussees ENPC, Paris France (MIT of France) according to the French :) Thesis: quant approaches to hedge funds, Forex and commodities trading.

Have held series 3,7,63 UK FSA Have worked with Forex, Debt, Commodities, Equities & Options.

fascinated by culture, people interacting and economic systems,which are the same thing really. Design is empathy / listening to others manifested into form. If we listened better, we would probably be better.


mathematics, finance, culture, economics, renewable energy, sustainable economic development, biotechnology particularly genetic diagnostics, applied materials sciences, singularity...oh and great design. design reflects empathy and thought for others made real and functional.